Oracle Process Cloud PCS Interview Questions

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Oracle Process cloud is a subset product of oracle Integration Cloud Bundle.

Oracle PCS Interview Questions are generally around OIC , VBCS and extension of SaaS processes.

Process cloud is used to design custom approval proceses and extend existing SaaS applications. If you are new to PCS see the post basics of oracle process cloud

Here I am going to share some Oracle PCS Interview Questions, Please see these as an extension to OIC interview questions. So let’s get started !!

Frequently Asked Oracle PCS Interview Questions

What is PCS ?

PCS is a Cloud PaaS product from oracle which helps in custom approvals and extensions.

What is a Space in PCS?

Space is a work area tied to a user where all the processes created by the user is stored.

How to call a Web service from PCS?

We need to create a connection in the integration tab with the service end point and credentials

How do you grant access to a PCS process to another user ?

Once the process is deployed we can give access to roles in my Apps Administration tab for the particular process.

You are working with multiple developers, what is the best way to work w.r.t sharing of Apps.

If the space is shared with multiple users all can access the applications within that space.

What are the Swim lanes Roles of a PCS Process ?

The default Swim lane roles are Process Owner and Process Reviewer.

Can New swim lane roles be added to the process?

Yes, we can add new swim lane roles and add users.

How would you design a process which can consume a payload and kick off the process.

The process start activity event has to be made a Receive message based.

How to design a UI form-based Process?

The Start event has to be form-based.

Can we make a process to start with both a form and message ?

Yes, but only one will trigger the process at a time.

What is a data association?

Data association is used to map payload to elements. Eg Form input to variables.

How would you call a OIC process from PCS ?

We need to register the oic process in the integration tab and call it via Service call inside the implementation of process.

Can SOAP service be used as an integration endpoint?

Yes. Reset and SOAP are external integration while OIC processes will be internal.

How do you send a filled document for approval via email?

We need to add human task Approve Request and configure the approvers

What are the approval Patterns which can be used ?

The patterns are:

Single approval – The approval will go to a single Assignee.

All Assignee in Parallel– The Approval will go to multiple assignee at a time. Any one can approve.

All Assignee in sequence– Will go to all assignees one by one.

Management chain Sequence– it will follow the management chain of the Assignee.

How do you implement if then Else conditions?

If then else can be implemented by using Gateways BPMN tasks.

How do you create an approval Form in PCS?

Go to Forms menu > create form > add fields with the required data type.

What are the events which can be applied on a Form field?

The events are On Load, On Change, On Blur, On Focus, On Save, On Submit.

How can you validate a form field using a external webservice ?

using even on change add a trigger to call a connection which has the web service and using action map the response to the form field.

What are the human tasks available ?

Submit and Approve.

What is the use of Indicators

Business indicators enable you to capture and display metrics specific to your process.

You can select data objects as business indicators to capture business metrics, and then display process metrics in custom dashboards.

How do I recover a failed process instance?

Locate the instance using the filters in the Instances page. If you’re an administrator, you can also use click the alerts on the home page. Select the instance to view its details. Click the Alter Flow button to edit the value of the process instance data objects and resume it.

How do I find out who is currently assigned to a specific process instance?

In the Instances page, locate the instance using the filters or by searching. Select it to view its details. In the Details pane, expand the More Information section. The Assigned To field indicates the current assignee for that process instance.

Commonly Asked

What is the use of PCS ?

PCS is a Cloud PaaS product from oracle which helps in custom approvals and extensions.

How to call a VBCS Rest Api from PCS?

VBCS Business object can be exposed as Rest Api which can be used as external integration in PCS.

How to Embed PCS UI Components in external Application?

Refer to this post for embedding PCS UI components

How to call OIC process?

Using integration connection It will list all OIC processes

These were some of the oracle PCS interview questions, hope it helps. Do remember to use it along with Oracle integration cloud questions.

Process Cloud Trainings

Oracle process Cloud is a part of Oracle OIC and the below trainings can help if you are looking for PCS Skills.

  1. This is a OIC bundle course including PCS From K21 Academy.
Check Details

Covers: Provisioning OIC | Connectors | Agents | FTP Adapters | File Adapter Database Adapter | SaaS Adapter (Salesforce) | Troubleshooting | Customer Case Study | Security | Monitoring Integration
With 11 Lessons on PCS and 12 Lessons on VBCS.

2. Oracle Fusion Technical Training with OIC/PCS/VBCS on Udemy

Check Details
This training covers Fusion Technical and OIC bundle (OIC /PCS/VBCS) and covers Dell Boomi as well, which is good to work on hybrid integrations. Also provides some use cases with Python and gives an understanding of Business process flow in the ERP and Financials.

A Good Training Overall!

3. Oracle integration cloud platform course on Eduonix

Check Details

The course will help you to prepare for the 1Z0 1042: oracle cloud platform application integration specialist exam.

Also, Check out Oracle Fusion Technical Questions and BI publisher interview questions

Do read the different Cloud deployment models.

Oracle PCS Documentation

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