35+ BI Publisher Interview Questions [EBS & Fusion]

BI Publisher Interview Questions can get sometimes tricky, so there is a need to brush up on this tool. Oracle BI Publisher also know as XML publisher is one of the prime reporting tools from oracle for enterprises. It is the next level of reporting moving forward from Oracle Reports builder.

XML Publisher was part of the Oracle E-business Suite, and with so many user-and-developer-friendly features it is now also part of Oracle fusion cloud applications and an integral part of all the reporting needs of SaaS modules.

Knowing BI Publisher is almost a must if you are working on SaaS or PaaS for any interaction with a fusion database.

Let’s look at some of the important BI Publisher Interview Questions which are logical and analytical.

Oracle Fusion BI Publisher Architecture

How do you register a BIP report in EBS?

Create a Concurrent program and use executable as XDODTE.exe

How do you create a sample XML file for a SQL-based report?

Register the report using a concurrent program and submit the request with output as XML.

What is the link between the concurrent program with report and the report template?

The short codes are the same for both.

How to embed BIPreport in OAF pages?

There are BIP XDO template utility helper java classes that can be used with OAF page customizations.

Describe the structure of data template??

At high level, there are 5 sections that can be used to define the data template.
Parameter section
Trigger Section
SQL statement section is the heart of a BIP report where the query is placed.
Data Structure section and
Lexical Section

Where will you place the Flexifield parameters in the data template?

Key and DFF parameters are placed In the lexical section of the data template.

Can BIP Support the triggers like oracle RDF reports?

Only Before Report and After Report triggers are supported.

What is the default package name where triggers are written?

Trigger code is written in the PL/SQL package under ‘defaultpackage’ tag of the data template.

How do you define multiple layouts?

Multiple layouts can be attached in Report configuration and while running the conc program the template has to be seleceted.

Where do you register the template and data definitions?

To register Layout template navigate to XML publisher administrator responsibility>Templates tab.
And for the Data template use the data definition tab.

Can you add RTF template programmatically?

Yes , by using API FND_PROGRAM.ADD_TEMPLATE we can add templates using pl SQL or OAF coding..

Name some XML publisher tables where data gets stored?


Please Explain the architecture of BI Publisher?

Check out the above diagram.

What is the difference between a data template and a layout template?

The data template has logic to fetch the data while the layout template defines how the present the data.

How do you create BI Publisher Reports in Oracle Cloud SaaS?

Go to Tools > Reports and Analytics> Crete new data model> create Report.

What is a data model?

A graphical representation of data groups that has logic to fetch data.

How do you schedule a BIP Report?

Using ESS Jobs of Fusion
Using Concurrent program in EBS

How do you customize a Seeded BIP Report in Fusion SaaS?

When you edit the report there is a button ‘Customize report’ Click on that and a new copy of the report is created in Custom Folder same path. You can modify it there.

How do you add Barcodes in the Report?

Special Barcode fonts are there which have to be added into RTF and mapped to the numeric barcode field.

How do you create drill-down reports in BIP?

Drill-down reports can be created by making the key field as URL type and adding the dynamic link to the field.

How to add images in the BIP report?

The RTF field has to be mapped with the CLOB image.

Can a BIP Report be embedded in the Fusion page? How

Yes, through Page Composer.

Have you worked with the BIP Web service?

The ERP integration Service. Run Report Operation runs the report and provides output in base 64 encoded format.

How do you add conditional logic in RTF?

Conditional expressions are available to use. IF then Else conditions.

What kind of data sources can be used to create a BIP report Data Model.

SQL, web service, subject areas, Excel, and more.

I need a different style of report for different customers. How do I make it possible in BIP?

Create different layouts and add conditions to pick the layout.

What is BI Publisher Desktop?

It is the desktop version of BIP which can be added to MS Word as a plugin to create and test reports locally. Can be downloaded from the fusion instance.

How do you control the permissions of a BI Publisher Report?

There is a permission link in the task area when a report is selected. It shows the options read, write, traverse, schedule report, view report, set ownership, and change permissions.

How will you notify someone if a report is in error during scheduled execution?

While scheduling there is an option to set the email address of the person if a report is in error, completed, warning, or skipped.

What is the difference between XML Publisher, BI Publisher, and Oracle Analytics Publisher?

In fact, All are the same product and names have changed as the product became more robust mature, and had new features.
It started with the name XML Publisher then was named Business Intelligence Publisher and now Oracle Analytics Publisher.

When you archive a report, what is the format of the file created?

report name.xdo.catalog file is created in the local downloads folder.

What is a schedule Trigger in BIP Report?

A schedule trigger allows you to conditionally execute an occurrence of a job. when the scheduled time occurs, the schedule trigger is checked if it returns data the job will be executed else skipped.

What is the difference between OTBI and BIP?

OTBI is Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence and uses subject areas(whatever fields are exposed) to create reports/ answers. BIP is a Business intelligence publisher in which custom SQL can be written to required fetch fields.

What are the options in Fusion BIP to create a Data Model?

SQL, LDAP, Content Server, Excel, CSV, XML, WebService, ViewObject, BI analysis.

How do you create a dependent parameter in BIP?

Refer to the primary field in the dependent field select statement using : (colon)


How do you move reports from Test to Production?

There is an unarchive/ archive/upload option in the BI catalog screen when you click on the report. This can be used.

How do you add a BIP report to the Favorites menu of fusion Cloud?

In the browse catalog when you click on the report there is an ‘Add to Favorites’ link in the Task area at the bottom. Once added the Menu link changes to ‘Remove from favorites’.

What is Bursting?

Bursting is a concept in BI Publisher where report output can be sent to a destination like an email, FTP, and UCM.

Hope you liked the selected bi publisher interview questions, if you are a Fusion apps technical resource and BIP developer Do checkout the PL SQL interview questions

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