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Many people wonder What is Ping spoofing! It is basically a type of attack on a server. With this attack, the server may not be able to serve genuine requests.

This attack can be classified under a DOS (Denial of Service) attack and in the cloud security world.

The umbrella acronym is DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) in which there are many attacking systems over the distributed network.

Under DDOS attacks the target system (e.g web server) will be flooded with fake requests increasing the server load and when a genuine request from a real user comes, the server is either very slow to respond or may not be able to respond at all due to the massive load.

With this type of attack, businesses can be hurt especially if it’s an online business like an eCommerce website or any service which is highly dependent on its online users. Thus it becomes important to have risk mitigation plans and tools to be secure from these types of attacks.

What is Ping Spoofing in Minecraft Game

Ping commonly is used in testing connections with a server and in response, it shows the time it’s taking to ping the target.

With ping spoofing, the ping times are increased with help of ping spoofer programs. The result of it is that the system starts lagging when seen from another system but actually, you have a normal ping.

These ping spoofer programs fake ping packets by altering the origin address with some other targeted address. A server when it received this kind of spoofed packet responds to the targeted addresses mentioned in the packet.

The target addresses will receive a flood of responses that they never requested and will result in the targetted server getting overloaded.

The targeted server cannot figure out who the culprit is as the responses are coming from genuine addresses. And since they do not have the address of the culprit system they can’t block them as well.

In some games like Minecraft which is played over the cloud, Gamers ping spoof and make the characters lag when seen as an opponent but in fact, they have normal controls working.

Due to the lagging, they get an unfair advantage to attack the opponent and win games unfairly.

Ping Spoofer

Ping Spoofer is a gamer or a participant in a network resource-oriented game or tool who will manipulate their ping value to misinform the other network participants.

Detecting Ping Spoofing

Detecting ping spoofing is hard, as the manipulators increase the ping, by intentionally delaying sending the keep-alive packets.

Probably watch a suspected spoofer’s ping time over a period and see if ping is abnormal may mean something is wrong. Check whether the sender data is lagging or not. If the data sent by system is not lagging and it really consists of high ping data, then it is not detectable.

There are some tools like LagPoint available to check the latency of another server and it doesn’t rely on ping data only.


How to identify a Ping Spoofer?

if the ping is very unusual you can guess it.

How to Ping Spoof in minecraft?

Though his is not fair and might be banned, it involves manually changing the Ping value.

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