5 Best Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Trainings

Oracle Cloud is one of the most complete cloud available for customers today. Oracle has cloud products available for each model IaaS SaaS and PaaS.

Oracle OCI is fast becoming one of the best infrastructures to migrate enterprise customer workloads. With the move to Cloud, many enterprises are understanding its value and need skilled Workforce to migrate their on-premise software and network infrastructure to the cloud model.

It’s a great opportunity for someone looking to make a career in Cloud Computing to start with Oracle Cloud.

When you go for an OCI training Look out for the below topics if they are covered and in what depth.

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architecture
  • Oracle Cloud Account Sign Up Process & OCI Console Overview
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
  • Introduction to Integrations in OIC
  • OCI Load Balancer
  • OCI Compute Service
  • Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes
  • OCI Registry Service
  • Object Storage
  • Block Volume
  • File Storage Service
  • Databases
  • Autonomous Databases
  • Oracle Functions
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Resource Manager
  • Cost Management with Budgets and Quotas
  • OCI Monitoring and Notification Service
  • Tagging in OCI
  • DNS
  • Traffic Management Policies
  • OCI Security
  • OCI Pricing and Billing
  • Certification help , Live Projects and Job Assistance

Here I am listing some of the best Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training available online which can help you to get started!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training From K21 Academy

Check Details
[1Z0-1072] Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate

This Training is full of in-depth, practical resources on Oracle Cloud IaaS Offerings, Networking, VCN & CIDR, OCI Compute: Bare Metal & Virtual Machine, and more.

It covers essential skills, strategies, and techniques to make you better Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate and gives you an advantage over others, including:

Cloud Overview & Concepts
Subnet & Routing
Tenancy and Compartment
Load Balancer Service
Backup Restore Clone Block Volume
Create & Manage DNS Record
CV Preparation, Interview Questions, and On-Job Support

12 modules | 110+ Videos | 16 Hands-On Activity Guides

The team is from the industry background and understand what is really Required [ Recommended ]

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Trainings From Udemy

Learn Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Fundamentals

 in stock
as of April 27, 2023 7:59 am

Build and manage scalable and highly available infrastructure in OCI

12044842 895a 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training 1
Created by: Chris Parent
Cloud Architect, Aspiring Educator, and Geek
Rating: 4.41 (34 reviews)     166 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • OCI concepts and terminology
  • Create and secure Virtual Cloud Networks
  • Deploy and access public and private compute instances
  • Add durable storage with OCI Block Volumes
  • Storage anything with elastic OCI Object Storage
  • Configure OCI Load Balancer as a Service
  • Identity and Access Management


  • Basic understanding of networking
  • Ability to remotely access compute instances using SSH
  • Ability to sign up for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account using a Credit Card or access to an existing Account.

Target audience

  • System Administrators, DevOps, Engineers, Developers

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Architect Course

 in stock
as of April 27, 2023 7:59 am

Oracle Cloud Compute

23527210 2c88 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training 2
Created by: Sanjay Singh
Data and Machine Learning Professional
Rating: 4.1 (83 reviews)     304 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) , Compute Cloud
  • OCI Users, Tenancy, Compartment, Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), Instance
  • OCI volumes: Boot Volume, Block Volume, Object Storage
  • Subnet, Route table, Security List, Internet Gateway, Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), Service Gateway
  • Backup policies: Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)


  • Should be able to work on computer.
  • Some knowledge of Linux Operating System will be asset.

Target audience

  • Solution Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Analyst
  • Oracle EBS Developers
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Architect

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - Essentials

 in stock
as of April 27, 2023 7:59 am

Autonomous Database creation & access via - sqldeveloper, APEX, ML and Linux instance creation & Access (Char & GUI)

50799942 9d0a 2 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training 3
Created by: Guha Rajan M., B.Engg, MBA, PMP
Founder and CEO - Capstone Solutions, Trainer
Rating: 3.25 (4 reviews)     40 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - Understanding Key critical functionality & Key terminalogy
  • Provisioning and Setting up all new Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database
  • Autonomous Database access through Oracle SQL developer web & through Client
  • Oracle Apex functionality provisioning and Overview.
  • Data Analytics and Visualization through Oracle Machine learning notebook - Overview
  • Provisioning of Cloud - Oracle Linux environment and Access through SSH Putty
  • Creating Linux GUI environment and accessing through VNC
  • Installing & using Jupyter notebook (python) on Oracle Linux GUI environment
  • Accessing Oracle Cloud DB tables through Python (SODA)


  • Knowledge on Oracle Database / SQL and Linux commands would be beneficial
  • Account with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Free tier access.
  • Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Free tier would be OK)

Target audience

  • Software developers and IT engineer who wish to quickly upskill on Oracle Cloud Insfrastrucure
  • Computer science student who wish to explore Oracle Cloud Insfrastructure
  • Solution Architect - who wish to explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Foundation to Oracle Database in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

 in stock
as of April 27, 2023 7:59 am

Basics, Architecture , Database Deployments, Connectivity Scenarios in OCI [*** GETTING UPDATED WITH NEW CONTENT***]

39117872 2fe4 4 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training 4
Created by: Kshitij (DB Alchemist Academy)
Oracle Certified Master(OCM) & Oracle Cloud Architect
Rating: 4.27 (1004 reviews)     5170 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • What is Cloud Computing : IaaS/PaaS/SaaS
  • Types of Cloud Deployments : Public / Private / Hybrid
  • Top Cloud Vendors in the Industry
  • Introduction to Oracle Cloud & it's IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Offerings
  • Demo: How to Sign-Up / Sign-In to Oracle Cloud
  • Introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI: Second Gen Cloud)
  • Deep Dive into Architecture of OCI
  • What are Availability Domains/ Compartments/VCN's / OCPU's / Shapes ?
  • Comparing OCI Vs OCI-Classic
  • Demos: How to Create Compartments & VCN's
  • Understanding Database Cloud Services: ODCS/Exadata Cloud Service/ Exadata@Customer
  • Demo: Deploy a Database in OCI-Classic
  • Demo : Deploy a Database in OCI
  • Understanding SSH Connectivity
  • Creating Public & Private Keys in Unix / Windows (GitBash & Putty)
  • Connect to Oracle Cloud Machines as admin user/ root
  • Sql Developer. Connectivity , with blocked ports (1521)
  • Connect from AWS EC2 Windows Server to Oracle Cloud Database
  • Oracle Openworld 2019 Enhancements
  • What are Autonomous Databases ?
  • What are Autonomous Database Variants ?
  • Differences between ATP & ADW
  • How to Provision an Autonomous Database
  • Demo: Connectivity Method for Autonomous Databases
  • Create a new VM DB System (Updated Lecture)
  • How to Patch the Grid Infrastructure from 19.9 to 19.10
  • How to Patch the Oracle RDBMS Version from 19.9 to 19.10


  • Oracle DBA's
  • Oracle Developers
  • Oracle DevOps

Target audience

  • Beginner to the World of Cloud Computing & Any Experienced DBA's / Developers looking to get Understanding around Oracle Cloud

Oracle 1Z0-1067-21 | OCI 2021 Cloud Operations Associate

 in stock
as of April 27, 2023 7:59 am

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Cloud Operations - Unique Questions & Answers are Verified - Latest August 2021

160510406 52aa 3 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Training 5
Created by: Cloud Database Engineer
Database Administrator and Cloud Engineer
Rating: 3.67 (3 reviews)     18 students enrolled

What Will I Learn?

  • Oracle 1Z0-1067-21 | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Cloud Operations Associate - [Exam Practice]
  • Automate Cloud tasks, Tune Performance, Troubleshoot, manage cost, manage security and compliance policies.
  • Monitor and Alert OCI, Implement Data Retention and Archival, create shell scripts with the Command Line Interface (CLI) and design Cloud-scale Agility on OCI.
  • Data Retention And Archival, Designing For Cloud-scale Agility, Manage Costs, Monitoring, Alerting Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting Security And Compliance.


  • N/A

Target audience

  • • Students who want to build their career by working in OCI solutions • IT certification aspirants and Database Administrators • Oracle Cloud Database Developers

OCI Exam Guide

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate All-in-One Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-1072)

Rs. 3,998  in stock
as of April 27, 2023 7:59 am

Pass the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate exam with easeTake the brand-new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate exam with confidence using the detailed information contained in this highly effective self-study system. You will get step-by-step exercises, 140 accurate...

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