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How to do Oracle Fusion Cloud Branding(SCM ERP HCM)| Add logo in Oracle Cloud

In this post we will see how to do Oracle Fusion Cloud Branding and add logo in Oracle Cloud HCM ERP or SCM applications. Branding is necessary to ...

Windows 10 error: You are running out of disk space on Local Disk

You may get error on windows 10 that You are running out of disk space on Local Disk . With this issue you will face the following symptoms . Symptom ...

Update EFF DFF on Sales Order using Rest Api Oracle Fusion

We can update and Order EFF or DFF using the provided Rest Apis. The order should be in a state of update. Also with this API an Order can be revised. ...

Data Stitch and set global variable in Oracle OIC

During the course of your OIC orchestration process builds many times you may need to set global variable in Oracle OIC to design the logic and ...

[Resolved] ORA-06550 PL SQL Error in Oracle

ORA-06550 PL SQL Error in Oracle: While working on Oracle technologies, especially PL SQL or any tool or programming language interacting with the Oracle ...

Create Sales Order Rest Api Sample Payload Oracle Fusion

Below is the Create Sales Order Rest Api Sample Payload to create Sales order in oracle Fusion The Rest API URL is Basic Order Creation Json Payload ...

Create TimeCard Rest Api in Oracle Fusion

If you need to create a timecard in oracle fusion programmatically, you can use the timeRecordEventRequests REST API provided by oracle. You can use this ...


SQL where contains is used to check the value if present in a column. Mostly used in Unstructured data testing on text based fields. In oracle, the column ...

Explained: CASE in Oracle SQL PL SQL

In this post, we see how to use CASE in Oracle with examples expressions. USE CASE statement is an example of IF then ELSE condition in SQL ...

Download AP Invoice Attachment to OIC| UCM Attachments

In this post, lets see How to Download AP Invoice Attachment to OIC using the ERP integration service and using the ERP object attachment service. The ...

How to add OTBI Report Dashboard into Oracle Fusion Menu

How to add OTBI Report Dashboard to Oracle Fusion Menu into Oracle Fusion. This is a common requirement when you need to embed content outside of oracle ...

EGP_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B Tables SQL Query in Oracle Fusion

Using EGP_SYSTEM_ITEMS_B AND QP_PRICE_LISTS Tables we can create an Item Price List query in oracle fusion Cloud joining some othere important base tables ...

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  1. Hi David,
    Use the rest API to submit the ESS job and capture the request id in the response

  2. You should have an EBS apps technical resource to confirm that the transaction raises an event, and get the event name to be subscribed. if OIc developer knows eBS he /she can handle.

  3. Depends upon the exact use case, ideally if your transaction raises a business event in EBS, subscribe to the event and trigger an external integration call, enrich data that can be consumed by GTM .

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