FTP Not Working on Airtel Broadband

So this is a very common problem of FTP Not Working on Airtel Broadband connections. Many of the users face this issue especially the developers who have to do file transfer to remote servers or do FTP for their development work.

The reason for FTP not working can be related to things like Firewall, connections blocked by ISP, IP filtering, Timeout, etc.

But the most common reason for airtel broadband users is that the router is misconfigured or some settings are disabled by default.

so the solution for FTP not working is to do the things below.

Do a Ping Test

image 22 FTP Not Working on Airtel Broadband 2

Do tracert to your IP and mostly it may give you request timed out.

image 23 FTP Not Working on Airtel Broadband 3

Configure your Router

If the above Ping is working and tracert is timed out. Mostly there is a routing issue from source IP to Target IP.

The below configuration should work for any broadband and is not limited to airtel only.

  • Navigate to
  • Login with admin to the router console
  • Look out for DMZ and ALG settings on your router. generally, it will be in Settings or Advanced tab.
  • Enable FTP Checkbox
  • Restart your Router.
  • You should be able to access it now.

Note: This is applicable only when the issue is with router configuration, there can be other reasons for FTP Timeout as well.

FAQ on FTP not working

What is DMZ?

DMZ, or demilitarized zone, is a physical or logical subnet that separates a local area network (LAN) from other untrusted networks — usually, the public internet.

What is ALG?

ALG stands for Application Layer Gateway and is common in all many commercial routers. It helps in identifying problems caused by router firewalls by inspecting VoIP traffic and if required alter it.

Why is ALG and DMZ FTP Disabled?

FTP is disabled by default in many commercial routers to enhance the security of networks.

What if You do not find the ALG DMZ option on your router?

Yes, Some routers do not have this option. So you will need to ask for a router replacement and get a different brand. The screenshot above is of Nokia router which has this option.

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What is IP for router.

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