Easy Method Router login router login has a locally accessible URL. You can enter this IP value in the internet browser over http. The entire administration of a router is controlled from this URL interface.

Click the below buttons quickly launch the router admin login page or repeater login page

Your router or modem is the gateway between your networked devices (laptops, desktops, mobile phones) and the Internet. If you want to connect to the Internet, you’ll need to enter its IP address somewhere – either manually or through DHCP. What does mean?
The Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are part of the TCP/IP protocol suite, which enables computers on the same local area network (LAN) to communicate with each other over networks such as the Internet. Each computer has an IP address, and each device connected to the LAN has its own unique IP address.
: When your computer connects to the Internet, it uses a subnet mask of, which means that every single bit in the subnet mask represents a byte of data. This leaves only two bits left at the end of the subnet mask, which identifies the last possible IP address on the network. In this case, the last two bits represent the number 254, which translates into the IP address 192.168.1..

Note that the actual IP is and not The IP address is one of the IPs of the private range. It is pre-assigned by router firms as a default gateway address to get the router’s administration page. It’s one of those very few private IP addresses which can be used to get the configuration preferences of the router.

This page can also be used to configure the different WPS settings of the router. For information on how WPS works refer article What is WPS.

Confirm Router’s IP

To Confirm the router IP go to

  1. Windows > Run > Command
  2. Type ipconfig|findstr/i “Gateway”
  3. You would see your local internet router IP.

Steps to login to

router administration login

Home Router Administration in 4 easy steps

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Open an Internet browser


    Open an Internet browser ( Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc). Make sure you are not connected to VPN.

  2. Type router IP in address bar


    From the address bar, type and not is the IP used by most of the common brands like NetGear, Dlink, Linksys, TP-LINK, Asus, Nokia, Huawei, Cisco to name a few.

  3. Login router login

    An admin login page will load up. The content is from your router’s software/ firmware. Type in the login username and password to the admin page. (most routers have the user as admin and password as admin by default) Which should be changed after the first installation.

  4. Configure you router

    Configure you router

    As soon as you enter the appropriate login credentials, you will be logged in to your router’s admin page. is the IP used by most of the common brands like NetGear, Dlink, Linksys, TP-LINK, Asus, Nokia, Huawei, Cisco to name a few.

Not Able to Login to

If you having trouble fetching the router login page then it could be due to one of these issues:

  1. You might have typed the invalid IP address. Instead of typing, you may have typed 198.162. 1.1 or something else.
  2. IP Addresses aren’t very easy to type. To avoid making such errors, copy and paste the IP address in the URL bar and ensure the IP address is correct.
  3. If you are not connected via an Ethernet Cable then establish a physical connection with the router via an Ethernet cable and try again.
  4. Try logging using other IP Addresses — or . A number of these routers take a physical connection through an Ethernet Cable before accessing
  5. Confirm that you are not connected to VPN.
  6. If all steps fail you can do a factory reset. Check for a menu and do factory reset to get to the routers default settings. login router admin login IP is another network address along with used by some wifi routers as their address. These are some of the so-called “private network 16-bit block address locations” that are reserved for use in the private network.

This address space has 65,536 addresses which are typically used for small home networks. Basically, a home or small business network uses only its subsets and most routers reserve the to range for their network. is a reserved IP for the broadcast type of data (when it’s required to send messages to all the computing devices on the network).

That’s the reason is the last useful address in the series since IP is reserved for network identification and cannot be used. So if your router uses as the IP address you still have 253 addresses available for use (range from to router login console can also be used to configure the WPS settings of the router. Refer to this article to know more about WPS Button on the router.

Default passwords for routers

The common factory passwords for routers using IP are as below unless changed by the user.

RouterDefault UserDefault PasswordRouter IP
Linksys, Billion and
many others

Default passwords for routers

Router BrandLogin IPUsernamePassword
Netgearhttp:// is the default address to access the home router’s admin console.
The default username and password of many routers is admin/admin is also an IP address along with to access the home router’s admin console.
The default username and password of many brands is admin/admin


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