Cloud Computing Security Assessment

After understanding that Cloud can give you various advantages in terms of Scalability, Elasticity, and reduced costs, selecting a cloud vendor still requires a thorough security assessment before a customer can give the custody of their data to the Cloud provider.

50+ Security Questions to ask your Cloud Vendor

Cloud Information security assessment has to be done from different angles. In this post, I am sharing some of the important questions to be asked before signing the agreement.

There are many assessment questions which can be broadly categorized in various areas Like


Control Areas

Governance and Compliance
Data Security
Incident Reporting and Handling
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Vulnerability Management
Affiliates & Subcontractors Usage
Data Privacy
Application Security

In each of the above areas specific assessments can be done which a high level are subsets of these basic questions

Is the Cloud Vendor following the governance and compliance policies laid down in there region?

  • Is my data secure?
  • How does the cloud vendor report the incidents or attacks? How do they handle those incidents?
  • Does the Cloud infrastructure provide Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery?
  • How does the vendor manage vulnerability after test points and areas?
  • What are the agreements with Subcontractors and Affiliates if used to handle customer data?
  • How does the cloud vendor guarantee the Data Privacy of my business?
  • Is the Application provided by the vendor (SaaS) secure?

let’s go in little details in each of the areas.

Governance and Compliance Questions

Data Security Questions

Incident Response


Vulnerability Management

SubContractors/ SubProcessors

Data Privacy

Application Security

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