SQL where contains is used to check the value if present in a column. Mostly used in Unstructured data testing on text based fields.

In oracle, the column where we need to apply contains needs to be indexed.

In SQL Server CONTAINS is a predicate used in the WHERE clause of a Transact-SQL SELECT statement to do a full-text search on full-text indexed columns containing character-based data types. Note that indexing is required on the column.

In SQL Server the syntax is

SELECT tablecolumnName FROM TABLE WHERE CONTAINS (tablecolumnName , ‘searchstring’ );

In Oracle the column needs to be indexed to use the contains clause

SELECT SCORE(1), title from news WHERE CONTAINS(text, ‘Virat’, 1) > 0;

If the column is not indexed you will receive an error:

  • ORA-20000: Oracle Text error:
  • DRG-10599: column is not indexed

SQL Contains String Examples :

The requirement to search inside a string can be achieved by

1. Using LIKE Operator

When we need to search a string for a value we can use the LIKE operator

e.g select * from OLYM.OLYM_GAMES where year LIKE ‘20%’

In this SQL query we want to find the games which are happening in 21st century.

image SQL where contains 1

2: Using INSTR Operator :

We can do the same using the INSTR Operator as well

select * from OLYM.OLYM_GAMES where instr(year,’20’) =1

image 1 SQL where contains 2

3. In SQL Server if the same table was there the SQL would be like

Select * from OLYM.OLYM_GAMES where CONTAINS(Year,’20’);

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