HCM Adapter 500 Error |HCM Adapter can not access business object

While using HCM Adapter (or ERP Adapter) you may encounter error related to the Service Catalog url similar to screen shot below or with Messages like

Adapter can not access business object [Locations]. There was an error while loading resources from interface catalog. This error could be possibly due to the lack of ATOM Feeds related metadata in OIC cache. Please try refreshing the metadata by clicking on Refresh Metadata for the connection XXXX. This might be because REST APIs are not enabled on the HCM Application. Please contact your HCM Administrator. Cause:Error accessing the URL:https://**********:443/hcmRestApi/resources/latest/describe – received HTTP Response Code:500;Reason:Internal Server Error

HCM Adapter can not access business object error


The solution is to basically ignore the error as there is some metadata mismatch in the deployed rest apis.

Steps to do :


1. In Setup and Maintenance, open Task list and click Search.

2. Enter ‘Manage Profile Option’ and click on the link.

3. Click on + to add a new profile option and define a new profile option as below:

    Profile Display Name:   Ignore REST resource catalog errors.
    Application:                   Oracle Middleware Extensions for Applications
    Module:                          Oracle Middleware Extensions for Applications
    Description:                   If a catalog describe fails for a particular resource, log an error and proceed with other resources.
Save and close when done.

4. In the next screen in the Profile Option Levels section, select Enabled and Updatable check boxes, for BOTH Site AND User, and Save and Close.


Refer MOS Doc ID 2684269.1 for more details.

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