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Cracking Nutanix Interviews ? ft. Nutanix SDE 2 and Fresher

In this video We discuss all the aspects of Nutanix Interviews from where and how to prepare and what questions are asked.

EP 9: Placement Talks: Nutanix Interview Experience ft. Aanshi || CSE || VIT Chennai || PlaceXP

Welcome, Placexp is back again with its 7th spectacular interview in our series “Placement Talks” to answer all your placement ...

How Nutanix Hyperconvergence Works

In this video with Nutanix, you will learn how the industry's leading HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) operates. You will better ...

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Scaling Your Startup

Scaling Your Startup

Apress. 2019 gbs preview 1

Know how your company can accelerate growth by not only tapping into new growth vectors, but also by adapting its organization, culture, and processes. To oversee growth from an idea to a company with billions in revenue, CEOs must reinvent many aspects of their company in anticipation of it reaching ever-higher revenues. Author Peter Cohan takes you through the four stages of scaling: winning the first customers, building a scalable business model, sprinting to liquidity, and running the...

Cracking the Tech Career

Cracking the Tech Career

John Wiley & Sons. 2014 gbs preview 1

Become the applicant Google can't turn down Cracking the Tech Career is the job seeker's guide to landing a coveted position at one of the top tech firms. A follow-up to The Google Resume, this book provides new information on what these companies want, and how to show them you have what it takes to succeed in the role. Early planners will learn what to study, and established professionals will discover how to make their skillset and experience set them apart from the crowd. Author Gayle...

Networking UNIX

Networking UNIX

Sams. 1995 gbs preview 1

Improve your networking expertise with this invaluable guide - a perfect combination of technical insights, real-world experience, theory, and practice from a veteran network consultant. With the increasing popularity of the Internet has come many new systems and networks. This book gives you expert advice for the expert, speaking directly to those involved in UNIX networking - from consultants and technicians to UNIX system administrators and MIS managers.

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