How to Add Menu to Oracle Fusion Springboard

Here are the steps to add menu icon to Oracle Fusion Page . This will create and menu entry with icon on Home page (Springboard) and Navigator Page as well. This can be used in combination with page composer to make UI configurations in fusion.

Steps: How to add a Menu in Oracle Fusion Cloud Home Screen

Create a Sandbox

Add Menu icon to Oracle Fusion

Enable Structure

Select structure and create sandbox or create sandbox first and then add tools > Structure.

image 37 Add Menu to oracle Fusion 1

Navigate to the Page where you want to add a new menu entry

image 29 Add Menu to oracle Fusion 2

Enter details of target page URL

The destination URL and link type can be static or dynamic or an application page.

image 38 Add Menu to oracle Fusion 3

For example, See My Receipts for EL based menu.

image 32 Add Menu to oracle Fusion 4

Control Who will be able to access the menu

Assign the User roles in the EL expressions to control the access to menu


#{(!securityContext.userInRole['WPS_SIMPLIFICATION_MGR_EJR']) and (!securityContext.userInRole['WPS_SIMPLIFICATION_EMP_EJR']) and (!securityContext.userInRole['WPS_PROC_RECEIPTS_UHP'])}

The menu should be visible

Now you see the menu icon on the spring board

image 34 Add Menu to oracle Fusion 5

and also in the navigator menu

image 35 Add Menu to oracle Fusion 6

To Delete a menu entry

Click on the created existing menu and you will find delete button at top

image 33 Add Menu to oracle Fusion 7

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