Reverting Changes of a Published Sandbox

If you came here looking for reverting changes of a published sandbox in oracle cloud application using page composer then you will see some of the options here, which you can try out.

Short Answer: You Cannot delete or Unpublish a Published Sandbox

How to Reset the Page Composer Changes After Sandbox is Published?

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  1. Create a new Sandbox


    Create a new sandbox from navigator and set it as active – make sure you have the Page Composer tool activated.

  2. Go to the Page where changes where done

    image 27 Reverting Changes of a Published Sandbox 1

    Click on username > Click on Edit Pages. Navigate to the task flow with the new custom element
    Select the layer.
    In the customization mode > select ‘Source’ from View option.

  3. Hit Reset Task Flow


    Click on the region where customization was performed.
    Click Reset Task flow in the structure tab bottom pane. Or see if you can select the element and delete it.
    Reset Task flow removes all edits, regardless of when they were made, and restores the task flow fragment to its original state. This change will be reflected on all pages that contain this task flow.

  4. Delete Page Configurations

    image 41 Reverting Changes of a Published Sandbox 2

    If Reset doesn’t work for some reason or it’s not enabled from this menu you can delete the page configurations done. but this will reset the page to its original state and customizations done by other sandboxes will also be removed.

  5. Confirm Deletion

    image 42 Reverting Changes of a Published Sandbox 3

    Close the sandbox

  6. Publish the new Sandbox

    image 45 Reverting Changes of a Published Sandbox 4

    Verify the changes and publish the sandbox.

  7. Re-Login and Try again

    image 46 Reverting Changes of a Published Sandbox 5

    If some issues arise suggest to log out re login in a private browser and try the steps.

Common issue in Reverting Changes of a Published Sandbox

There are times when you try to do reset the region is disable and not editable. Check if your sandbox is published properly , it may require a refresh.

Check this article on using page composer to configure a page using external content

Oracle Documentation on Sandboxes is available here .


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