How to download ADFdi in Oracle Fusion Cloud| Install ADFdi to Excel

Here we will see how to download ADFdi in Oracle Fusion Cloud. With the newer versions of Oracle cloud the ADFDi add-in for Excel to upload data into oracle fusion applications requires some roles to be configured.

Be aware that the ADFdi desktop helps in fetching the interface records directly from the fusion database and can be corrected and required actions can be taken right from the desktop,

How to download oracle ADF 11g desktop integration add-in for excel

To download the oracle ADFdi integrator required roles has to be present with the application user who is logged in.

If the required roles are already there you should be able to see a menu in Navigator > Tools named ‘Desktop Integrator’. This menu can be used to download the adf integrator for oracle cloud applications.

If the role is not added to the user the menu ‘Desktop Integrator’ would not be available under the tools menu. For that you will need to add Download Desktop Integrator privilege and perform the below steps

Downloading oracle ADF 11g desktop integration add-in for excel in Cloud Applications requires an employee role to be added

How to Add Download Desktop Integrator privilege to Employee Role:

Total Time: 20 minutes

  1. Login to security console

    Goto Navigator> Toos> Security Console . In Security Console, Click on Roles

  2. Search for role ORA_PER_EMPLOYEE_ABSTRACT

    Search the role which is the code of abstract employee role


    Clicking will add the abstract role

  4. Click on drop down menu,Select ‘Copy Role’

    Copy this role to and will need to give a new custom name

  5. Select ‘Copy top role and inherited roles’

  6. Enter Role Name and Role Code

    Give your desired Role code and name

  7. Click ‘Add Function Security Policy’ (Window Pops_Up)

    Function security allows you to add the privileges

  8. Search for ‘Download Desktop Integrator’

    Download desktop integrator privilege is the role you need to add

  9. Click on ‘Download Desktop Integrator’

    This will Select the previlige to the role

  10. Select ‘Add Privilege to Role’ (Confirmation Window Pops-Up)

    This will add the previlige to the role

  11. Click ‘Cancel’ to get out of the Add Function Security Policy window

  12. Search for ‘Download Desktop Integrator’ to ensure it was added

    Make sure the role is added

  13. Click ‘Next’

    Click ‘Next’ button

  14. Click ‘Add User’ (Window Pops-Up)

  15. Search for user name

  16. Click on User(s)

  17. Click ‘Add User to Role’

  18. Click ‘OK’

  19. Click ‘Cancel’ to get out of Add User Window

  20. Click ‘Next’

  21. Verify Privilege and User was added

  22. Then Click ‘Submit and Close’

  23. Click ‘OK’

  24. Click ‘Administration’

  25. Click on ‘Role Copy Status’

  26. Status will change from Processing to Complete (keep refreshing)

    Once complete it should be visible under Tools menu


Why is Desktop integrator not visible under tools menu?

The user may not have privileges to use the adfdi integrator

Why is the ADF Di menu is not available even after adding employee abstract Role?

The role update needs some time to get updated . You can try running the Scheduled process ‘Send Pending LDAP requests’

References : Oracle ADF integrator

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