Create AP Invoice rest api in Oracle Fusion ERP

You can easily create AP invoices using Create AP Invoice rest API in Oracle fusion

The rest APIs are


to query an invoice you can use the query parameter in postman

https://******************* “INV201”

Sample payload to create ap invoice

    "InvoiceNumber": "IDC203",
    "InvoiceCurrency": "USD",
    "InvoiceAmount": 2212.75,
    "InvoiceDate": "2019-02-01",
    "BusinessUnit": "US1 Business Unit",
    "Supplier": "Lee Supplies",
    "SupplierSite": "Lee US1",
    "InvoiceGroup": "01Feb2019",
    "Description": "Office Supplies"
    "invoiceLines": [{
        "LineNumber": 1,
        "LineAmount": 2112.75,
        "invoiceDistributions": [{
            "DistributionLineNumber": 1,
            "DistributionLineType": "Item",
            "DistributionAmount": 2112.75,
            "DistributionCombination": "101.10.22100.000.000.000"
            "LineNumber": 2,
            "LineType": "Freight",
            "LineAmount": 100,
            "ProrateAcrossAllItemsFlag": true

SQL to query the invoice

select * from ap_invoices_all order by creation_date desc

select * from ap_invoice_lines_all where invoice_id = 300000241093306

Refer oracle doc here

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