Conditional Mapping in OIC Oracle integration Cloud

This is a very common requirement to have a conditional mapping in OIC processes. Basically, we need to check the input payload element and set values to target element based on certain condition.

Let’s see with a quick example

image Conditional Mapping in OIC 1

This is an example of a receiving transaction Api in which if the Line type id of a PO line = 6 We need to set the Receiving Router header id = 3

Since this is a single Condition we can just use the If Condition in the OIC mapper.


image 1 Conditional Mapping in OIC 2
  • Create target element (Routing header id in our case)
  • Enable XSLT Developer mode
  • Toggle Functions
  • Select XSLT Tab
  • Select the If condition
  • Drag the if condition to Routing header id. make sure that the icon is just below the element
image 3 Conditional Mapping in OIC 3
Drag the if condition to Routing header id. make sure that the icon is just below the element as in the image above
image 2 Conditional Mapping in OIC 4

Drag line type id to the expression box and set the value = 6

ns28:LineTypeId =6

image 4 Conditional Mapping in OIC 5

image 5 Conditional Mapping in OIC 6

image 6 Conditional Mapping in OIC 7

Finally, The mapper looks like below

image 8 Conditional Mapping in OIC 8

Adding multiple Conditions in OIC Mapper

Similarly, we can add multiple conditions with choose statement. follow the same process


(IF Linetype Id =1 Routing header id =3 )

(IF Line type id =2 Routing header id =9 )

Drag choose under routing header id

then drag when condition under choose

set line type id =1 in expression ( drag line type id to expression builder and set =1)

Drag Value of statement under When and Set =3 in expression (this sets the value of routing header id to 3)

so now the condition applied is if line type id =1 , routing header id =3

image 9 Conditional Mapping in OIC 9

similarly, you can add another condition e.g If line type id =2, routing header id =9

image 11 Conditional Mapping in OIC 10

So this covers 2 conditions

If linetype =1 routing header id =3

if line type =2 routing header id =9

Similarly, you can add more complex and Conditional Mapping in OIC mapper.

image 3 Conditional Mapping in OIC 11
Make sure to drag the XSLT element under the element you need to add the logic. A reverse arrow mark will automatically show up on a valid element

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