How to Call BIP SOAP Service in OIC

This is a frequent requirement in OIC , sometime you need to call BIP SOAP service in OIC to do integrations.

The reasons can be

  • The Rest service of the business object is not available
  • You have a custom Requirement based on a custom data set

So here are the steps to call a BI publisher SOAP service.

Test the BIP SOAP service in SOAP UI

  • Generate your ExternalReportWSSService url for your oracle fusion instance
  • Test your generated wsdl url in browser and make usre you see the wsdl data
  • launch SOAP UI and create a SOAP project
  • Add the generated wsdl to the soap project
  • configure authorization
  • Test the bip soap service
  • you wll get a result in binary form which is not readable like in image below

Sample SOAP Payload to call BIP report

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:pub="">
               <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
               <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
                     <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
                     <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->


  • Create a SOAP connection in OIC using the BIP wsdl url
  • Configure security authentication
  • Test and save the connection
  • Create a App driven on Scheduled orchestation based on your requirement
  • drag the SOAP connection into OIC process
  • Do the mapping as per the Soap payload above.
image global variable in Oracle OIC 1

basically you need to map 3 fields

image 1 global variable in Oracle OIC 2
Set this value as xml


Set absolute path as per the folder structure including the xdo file name


Set this as -1        

Reading Report Bytes

After doing the configuration to call bip soap service you will get a response in report bytes which is not readable.

You need to decode using the bas64 decode function.

image 2 global variable in Oracle OIC 3

IF the response ofreport bytes is like multi row and you want to read the file, the approach is to write the response in a stage file using opaque schema and then read the stage file with the selected schema of the format required.

Map reportbytes to Opaque element in stage file write activity

image 3 global variable in Oracle OIC 4

Then create another activity to Read Stage file and add the schema XSD file

image 4 global variable in Oracle OIC 5

If you have xml output you can conver to XSD schema by online tools

image 5 global variable in Oracle OIC 6

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How to read report bytes data?

use decode base 64 function in OIC.

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