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Create HCM Journeys Rest API

Oracle HCM Journeys are set of tasks grouped and assigned to employees by managers or HR administrators . These Journeys can be then monitored to check ...

NETGEAR Router Login

You can login to your netgear router with following steps Visit the below sites or use the Router default ...

Adding Grand Total and SubTotal in RTF template BI Publisher

Sometime there is a need to add subtotals in BIP RTF template. Though we know that this can be handled in SQL query data model but still there are times ...

Call Web Service from Page Composer in Oracle Fusion SaaS

Sometimes we need to call web service from page composer in oracle fusion on click on a button. We can do this by following the below steps Enable ...

How to get current logged in user in Oracle Fusion Cloud

There are scenarios when we need to get the current user logged in oracle fusion hcm ERP or SCM applications and we may want to do further processing related ...

IF Condition in RTF template| BI Publisher if xdoxslt:get_variable

When you create a BI Publisher template, you can add conditional statements to determine whether or not a condition is true or false. IF Condition in ...

Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Attention: Get ready for the next cyber attack - - the one you are going to get if you don't provide Cybersecurity Training for employees to defend themselves ...

What is Data Breach in Cyber Security?

If you're reading this article, chances are that you've heard of the term "data breach." and trying to understand more about , "What is data breach". This ...

Biggest Data Breaches in the Cyber World

What Is Data Breach? A data breach is an event where sensitive information such as customer information, financial information, or medical records are ...

Oracle Integration Cloud Adapters

Oracle Integration Cloud Adapters are used to connect to different hybrid applications. OIC provides many adapters . Let us see them in brief. What are ...

Best Terraform Interview Questions

In this post let's look at some of the common Terraform Interview Questions today. Terraform History Hashicorp is a company founded by HashiCorp. Their ...

Logging and Troubleshooting in Oracle VBCS

If you are using Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, then you might want to check out these tips on how to do logging and troubleshooting in Oracle ...

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