Logging and Troubleshooting in Oracle VBCS

Logging and Troubleshooting in VBCS

If you are using Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, then you might want to check out these tips on how to do logging and troubleshooting in Oracle VBCS.

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service is a web application that allows you to build mobile apps without coding. It provides a visual interface to create user interfaces (UIs) and connect them to backend services. The service also offers a variety of features such as data synchronization, push notifications, analytics, and real-time collaboration using VB Studio.

By default VBCS logging level is set to INFO which means everything gets printed in the browser console logs.

Open app-flow.json file and add below:

"logConfig": {
    "level": "warning"

If you set the level to “error” it will minimize logs and show up only when there is an error. For better troublshooting you can keep it at warning level.

The other cases when we need to see the logs for troublshooting are

Monitor REST calls

Fo this you can go to Browser>Right Click> Inspect > Network Tab> Headers and see the execution of rest call , if its is 200 it means rest call succeeded. 401 is unauthorized (mostly authentication issue)

Show notifications with variable values in the UI

You can use fire Notification Activity in action chains to pop up messages on the Screen . This notification messages can accept variables and values which can be used for debugging the VBCS application

Track activity and variable values in the console

When executing a VBCS App all the activities are logged in browser console. To acces that right click on the browser UI > Inspect > Console. You can see payload and variable values etc.

Log messages in the console from custom JavaScript code – with console.log()

When using javascript for some custom logic we can use console.log(“My log details”+var) inside the javascript code to output the log in the browser .

Log messages from Groovy code in your business objects – with println()

When using Business Rules in the business object , the rules are coded in Groovy. println() is used the log the messages. eg. println(“My variable value” + var).

You need to enable logging checkbox in the vbcs app builder interface. Sam help to track the log of your business object layer.

Video: Logging and Troubleshooting in Oracle VBCS


How to add logs in Oracle VBCS?

For application logs use browser > inspect>console. For rest calls > Network tab.

How to add log in JavaScript code of VBCS?

Use console.log

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