What is WPS in jiofi

How to Enable Disable jiofi WPS feature

How to Enable Disable JioFi WPS: In case you have a JioFi Device and want to safeguard your Internet from unauthorized connections then you should be aware of this feature.

In fact you always must Disable JioFi WPS. Because it is not very secure and unwanted users may able connect their devices to a JioFi mobile router without utilizing your Device Password.

In this post, I’ll inform you ways to Enable / Disable JioFi WPS button. So let’s get started.

To Disable / Enable WPS on jioFi you need to login to the Jio Administrator App.

Step 1: You will need to Login to your JioFi Administrative panel, you can input the jiofi.local.html URL on your internet browser address bar and enter.

Step 2: Here you have to get into your device password and username. You may see them by taking off your device battery or you could enter default username and password ‘administrator’ both of these are same.

Step 3: After login to your apparatus administrator are you need to click on the menu given on top of your window display and click WPS.

If you want to disable WPS in your JioFi Jio router then click on Disable Radio button and then click on Apply button to Disable WPS in your Device.

But if you want to Enable WPS then choose Enable Radio button and then click on Apply button to enable WPS on your device.

After clicking on Apply button, the WPS feature will be Enabled (or Disabled) based on the option you pick. Now, log out of the Administrator region and try to join your device by pressing WPS button.

So, I believe that you’ll have understood, How to Enable / Disable WPS feature on your JioFi Device. If you have any queries related to this topic subsequently leave a comment on Comment Box.

Using WPS option in JioFi

JioFi offers WPS button to connect other wifi devices like laptops, smartphones, voice assistants to the wifi network. You won’t need to enter the password. To know about what is WSP please refer WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).


Your client devices should support WPS connections.

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jiofi wps connect what is wps in jiofi 2

Steps to connect to JioFI using WPS Option

Step 1: Navigate to WiFi configuration settings on your Client device (e.g Smartphone / Tablet/ Smart TV etc)

Step 2: See if you have advanced settings as sub-menu under Wi-Fi settings (Android). A similar menu would be there for other WPS-enabled devices.

Step 3: You would see the WPS connection option. Tap it to activate and initiate the WPS function on your device

Step 4: Now press the WPS button on your JioFi for 3-5 seconds to turn on the discovery of new devices and accept the client connection requests.

Step 5:Your Client Smart Device will be connected to JioFi and can access the wifi network.

How To Reset Jiofi Password (WPA SSID)

In case you will need to reset your WPA password access the router admin console to do this activity.

  • Access ’http://jiofi.local.html’/ or ‘’ from any browser ( laptop /smartphone)
  • Login as Administrator and go to ‘Settings’ tab, click on ‘WiFi Settings/Configuration’
  • You can reset JioFi Password here.
  • Save to complete the reset.
WPS button in JioFi is a quick way to share Wi-Fi network.

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