Sales Order Approval in Fusion

Sales Order Approval in Fusion can be achieved in oracle order management cloud by setting up some configuration and rules. below are the steps

  1. Setup Approvals for sales order in manage order management parameters
image 50 Sales Order Approval in Fusion 1

2. Go to manage order approval rules to create approval rules

image 52 Sales Order Approval in Fusion 2

Create New Rule and add IF then else condition and action to be done. i.e to whom should the approval go

image 56 Sales Order Approval in Fusion 3

Once the rule is complete It will look like below image based on the conditions.

image 54 Sales Order Approval in Fusion 4

After rule is created publish the rule to start taking effect for future orders

image 59 Sales Order Approval in Fusion 5

Note that the rule which is created from UI can be accessed from BPM console, and a new rule is created in the task ApprovalHumanTask . This can be edited from the BPM composer.

image 57 Sales Order Approval in Fusion 6

This task rules can still be modified for changes not possible from UI.

References Oracle documentation

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1 Comment
  1. Hi, We just switched to Oracle and set approval flows.
    We have run in the following issue: Until 2500 euro no approval is needed.

    I made an order of 4000 yen to go to Japan and it triggers the approval flow, because the amount is 4000, however the euro value is only 25 euro.

    How can I make the order flow consider the currency?

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