Create HCM Journeys Rest API

Oracle HCM Journeys are set of tasks grouped and assigned to employees by managers or HR administrators . These Journeys can be then monitored to check employee’s progress.

Employees will be automatically presented with their tasks, sequentially, as per the order set by the manager or HR while creation of the journey.

How to enable HCM Journey?

Login with admin user

Navigate to Task >> Setup and Maintenance >> search >> Manage Administrator Profile Values >> search >> ORA_PER_JOURNEYS_ENABLED

HCM Journeys rest api Sample Payload

Make sure you the the content-type in header set as application/

Create Journey and assign to a person






        “Comments”:”My Comments”,

        “Description”:”REST API Journey Creation”,


        “JourneyDisplayName”:”REST API Journey Creation”,

        “Name”:”REST API Journey Creation”,




Reassign a Journey task to a person


WorkerJourneyTaskId has to be fetched before calling this api

Action POST




Fetch the worker journey task Id

image 1 HCM Journeys rest api 1

To add library task

Code to add library task

/hcmRestApi/resources/{WorkerJourneyId}/action/addTaskFromLibrary (POST)





{ “PerformerPersonId”:300000018999909},




In 22 D






Reference : Allocate a Journey Oracle Doc

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