Adding Dashboards BIP Reports to Briefing Books

Briefing Books in Oracle Fusion Reports and Analytics is a way to add your dashboard reports in form of Briefing.

To add BIP Report to Briefing Book

Assuming you have a working BIP report you should do the following

  1. Add the BIP report to Dashboard Open the Reports and Analytics work area.

2. Open the Dashboard where you want to add the report from My Dashboards.

Briefing Books

3. Edit the dashboard and Add you Report

4. Select your analysis, select More and then click Add to Briefing Book.

add report to Briefing Books

5. Select Updatable if you want the analytic results refreshed whenever the briefing book is downloaded or rerun, or select Snapshot to store it without updating.

configure Briefing Books

6. Enter a description for your briefing book.

7. Click Browse and navigate to My Folders or Custom Folder, enter a name for the briefing book and click OK to save the Location path.

8. Click OK to save the new briefing book.

image 5 Briefing Books 1

Once the briefing book is successfuly created you can download briefing books as PDFs or MHTML to view, print, or share.

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