How To Download BI Publisher Desktop for Fusion SaaS

Download BI Publisher Desktop

In this post, we will see how to download BI Publisher desktop from fusion instance on the local system for BIP report customization.

In case you are new to BI Publisher Do refer to Oracle documentation on BIP.

Download BI Publisher Desktop

How to download Oracle BI Publisher Desktop?

Time Required 30 minutes

Login with user with BI Administrator rights

image 38 Download BI Publisher Desktop 1

Login to fusion saas instance as administrator .

Click Help and Download

image 40 Download BI Publisher Desktop 2

Click help on top right corner and hit download BI publisher tools

Check BI Publisher Version

image 43 Download BI Publisher Desktop 3

Click on Help . About Bi Publisher which will pop up the BI Publisher version.

Download BI Publisher Desktop from the hyperlink url

image 44 Download BI Publisher Desktop 4

This page will list all the version of BI Publisher desktop version available for download. Download the Exe file and run , the installation will start


image 45 Download BI Publisher Desktop 5

A successful installation will create a start menu entry as above. Click on Set Template Builder Language to get started.

Confirm the BI Publisher Menu in MS Word

Download BI Publisher Desktop

After the installation, you should see a new menu entry in Microsoft Word as ‘BI Publisher’. This menu will have the options to design a template, load sample XML, and preview options for your local designed template.
Once you design your template, save it as RTF and upload in fusion. Your report should be able to pick up the new template.


Which version of BIP Desktop to download? 32 or 64 Bit?

It depends upon the version of MS office. Choose the BI Publisher Desktop based on your version of Microsoft Office 32 bit or 64 bit.

How to check the Bit Version of MS Word?

image 48 Download BI Publisher Desktop 6

Go to accounts > About Word and the build and Bit version can be seen.

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