While working with integrations for Oracle Fusion Order Management Cloud you may encounter this error DOO_ORCHE_PROCESS_ERROR. This Error is seen when calling the order fulfillment response service https://(

SOAP test response

The reason for this error is that the order is not in the state to receive the response. Mostly an Order should be waiting for a response from and external system and for this there has to be a WAIT step added to receive the response and progress the orchestration further.

Steps to resolve:

Validate the Order and the order orchestration should be in wait state. If not modify the orchestration process to add a wait step after a call to external system is made.

  • Got to FSM (Functional Setup Manager)
  • Query task Manage Orchestration Process Definitions
  • Add a Wait Step


Once you add the wait step you can test the order fulfillment response again and it should not give the DOO_ORCHE_PROCESS_ERROR error.

DOO_ORCHE_PROCESS_ERROR comes when the order is not in the state to receive the response. Mostly the Wait Step is missing.

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