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Double base Palindrome Number (skava problem)

Double base palindrome in TDD style (skava interview problem)

Skava Gala Promo Video 2015

Must awaited event of the year...

Skava TPN Box

Lalit marathe skava sels.

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New Headway English Course

New Headway English Course

Oxford University Press, USA. 2022 gbs preview 1

A new edition with a modified syllabus and extensive new material.

Talent Management in Global Organizations

Talent Management in Global Organizations

Springer. 2018 gbs preview 1

This book explores the implications of talent management in four practical settings across the globe. Focusing on countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the authors illustrate how multinational corporations (MNCs) can benefit from talent management practices and as a result, develop a strategy of organizational leadership. Offering empirical examples from each region, this book examines how...

First Certificate Passkey

First Certificate Passkey

MacMillan Education, Limited. 1996 gbs preview 1

Part of a course for the revised Cambridge First Certificate English examination. The course aims to provide a combination of motivating material and systematic development of language and exam skills, and consists of 12 topic-based units.

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