Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

If you are in campus or planning to take some interviews in near future, you would be wondering what kind of technical interview questions for freshers are asked during the interview process.

As a general process for freshers there are campus interviews and if campus has not happened and if you have applied directly as a fresher, there can be telephonic interviews and a personal face-to-face interview. It depends upon company to company and they may have their own process.

We will touch across some technical questions as you have landed here looking for some Technical Interview Questions For Freshers. We will be using C. C++ , java , SQL for any coding examples.

Let’s get started.

Why they ask Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

They may be many other subject and skills you possess but a technical interview tests your analytical abilities, your problem-solving approach, your logical thinking which is very essential to frame solutions for problems in real-world scenarios. You may be exposed to brainteasers , reasoning or programming questions and quizzes as well.

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