Important webkul interview questions to Prepare

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best chosen webkul interview questions.

Webkul hires those who wants to work in the tech industry. To become a developer at Webkul, you must have solid knowledge of programming and your logical brain needs to be stronger. You can polish your skills by working on various projects so that you get better at coding.

They focus on ensuring the candidate can program & test.

There are generally 3 rounds

Interview Round – The first round for the selected candidates. This involves questions on development of web applications for ecommerce business in PHP, MySQL.

Personal Interview– Candidates should be very familiar with the projects/technologies mentioned in the resume and should be able to demonstrate their understanding during the interview.

This is the most important job to be a recruiter. You have to understand the details of each applicant.

HR Round:

Personal skills interview will be used to decide between both candidates.

Webkul interview questions

How do we know if someone’s website is real?

There are two ways to determine whether or not something is fake. One way is to look at the structure of the webpage. If the web pages have no links to other webpages, then the site probably isn’t legitimate. Another way is to check out the domain name. A site named “” is much less likely to be genuine. You should always type the website address directly into the browser bar and never click on any links on a webpage.

What is the difference between a web designer and a developer?

A web designer creates original content for websites. Developers create programs that make websites work. Web designers are often involved with programming as well, however they are not necessarily developers.

How would you tell if a website is safe to use?

You’ll want to avoid any sites that ask you to enter personal information, such as credit card numbers or bank account details. Also, you should avoid any sites that ask for your social security number (SSN) or birth date. If a site asks you to give them these things, it’s a good indication the site is scammy.

What makes a website secure?

The basic components of a secure website are encryption technology, authentication, authorization rules, and access control mechanisms. These elements ensure that only authenticated users are granted access to sensitive information. Additionally, the encryption technology prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the data once it has been entered. Authorization rules prevent unauthorized individuals from changing or deleting information while access control mechanisms restrict the actions that authorized users may perform on a given resource.

What does the term “SSL” mean?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL encrypts sensitive data being transmitted over networks. Using SSL, your financial transactions and private messages are safer than those sent via standard HTTP protocols.

What does PHP stand for?

PHP is short for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a server side scripting language that runs on the Linux operating system. PHP is ideal for developing dynamic web pages with database support. However, it excels in many other applications as well, including generating static HTML files. PHP is the dominant language used on the World Wide Web today.

What does Joomla! stand for?

Joomla! is a free open-source Content Management System (CMS). Its primary function is to help organizations manage their websites. Joomla! is currently supported by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

About Webkul

What is webkul?
WebKul stands for Web-based Knowledge Utilization System. It is a cloud based software product that enables students to collaborate and share knowledge using their mobile devices.

How does webkul work?
The webkul system allows users to create their own quizzes, tests and assignments. Students then take these quizzes/tests/assignments online and submit them via email. Once they have submitted the assignment, they receive feedback on how well they did and what areas they need to improve upon.

Why should I use WebKul?
WebKult provides students with a platform to easily access information and learn at anytime and anywhere. Students can also interact with each other while learning, thereby enhancing their knowledge sharing skills.

Who uses WebKul?
Currently, WebKul is being used by over 200 universities and schools across India including many premier colleges and universities. We provide our services to institutions such as IIM’s, XLRI, BITS Pilani, NIT Warangal, Manipal University, etc.

Where do I get my username and password?

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