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SharePoint is Microsoft’s cloud-based platform that allows users to collaborate and work together online. This software includes collaboration tools, document management systems, project management tools, and other features.

Important sharepoint questions

  1. How would you describe the architecture of SharePoint?

A typical sharepoint environment consists of following components

• Central administration which is responsible for managing everything in the farm

• Search service application which search indexes documents and provide them to end user

• User profile services which store information related to username and password of each user (User Profile Service Application)

• Distributed Cache Service which stores data across servers in distributed cache mode

• User code which hosts custom workflows and logic apps

• Workflow manager which helps users create and configure workflows automatically

• Office 365 Management Console(OMC)which manages O365 tenant settings

• OneDrive for Business which lets you sync files between mobile devices,tablets and PC’s

• SharePoint server foundation which forms the core infrastructure of sharepoint farm

2. How can I change the default page layout of my sharepoint site?

I would like to have two columns side-by-side instead of having them stacked vertically.

3. Can I create custom lists/libraries in SharePoint 2013?

Yes! You can create your own custom list types, libraries, etc.

4. What are some good resources for learning about SharePoint 2013?

5. How to make an SPFx app available to selected Site Collections?

At the time of deployment, need to uncheck the label Make this solution available to all sites in the organization.

6. What File Does A Sharepoint Solution Package Use To Orchestrate (describe) Its Packaged Contents?

The solution Manifest.XML file.

7. How much memory does share point need to run properly?

8. What kind of hardware requirements do I need to have for sharepoint?

9. How do I set up a custom list in SharePoint?

10. What are some good ways to get started using SharePoint?

11. What are some things I should know before getting into SharePoint?

12. What is the difference between a library and a document center?

13. What are some other features that I can use in SharePoint?

14. What are some of the best practices for creating lists and libraries?

Other Share point questions

1. can i use sharepoint 2007 enterprise server in my company?

2. what are the advantages and disadvantages of using share point 2007 enterprise server over share point 2010?

3. how many users should I have in my site collection at any time?

4. what is the difference between sharepoint 2007 and sharepoint 2010?

5. What is the difference between a feature receiver and a webpart?

A feature receiver is a class that inherits from Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartBase. A web part is a control that implements the IWebPart interface. You can add web parts directly to pages, lists, etc., using the Web Part Gallery tool. A feature receiver is a mechanism that enables you to create custom functionality at run time without having to modify any code. A feature receiver is similar to a plug-in in that it adds functionality to SharePoint, but it does not require installation.

6. How do we implement a user profile service (UPS) in SharePoint 2013?

The UPS stores information about each individual user account and provides access to this data via various APIs. To store user data in SharePoint, you need to configure a User Profile Service Application. In order to use the UPS, you must have some kind of authentication provider configured.

7. What is the best way to deploy a SharePoint farm?

In general, deploying a SharePoint farm involves three steps:
a. Configuring the servers
b. Installing SharePoint
c. Configuring SharePoint

8. What is the difference between workflow activities and workflows?
Workflow Activities vs Workflows – Workflow Activities are actions performed based on specific conditions. A workflow activity is triggered by something happening in the system and may need some input parameters before executing. In contrast, a workflow is a collection of tasks that are executed in sequence.

9. Describe the differences between the three types of web parts (list, page, and content)
List Web Parts – List web parts are generally used for displaying data in different views. Depending on how you use them, they can act as a list box, drop down menu, or even a tree view. Page Web Parts – Page web parts display information on a single screen. They are commonly used to show status messages or navigation panels. Content Web Parts – Content web parts generate documents, images, or videos. They are often used to show rich text or multimedia content.

10 . Describe the differences among the following:

  • Content Editor Web Part
    – Similar to a page web part, except that it creates an editable HTML document.
  • Image Web Part
    -Displays an image or thumbnail.
  • Text Box Web Part
    – Allows users to enter text in a field.
  • Calendar Control
    – Shows dates in a calendar format.

Advantages fo microsoft sharepoint

1. SharePoint can help you create an interactive intranet portal, which is a website that is intended for users to exchange information. Such a site can provide employees with an easy way to access and exchange relevant information. This can help employees find information more quickly and efficiently.

2. Employees can view and collaborate on documents and files from any location via a web browser. Such features make it possible for employees to work together easily without having to be in the same location.

3. SharePoint can also manage the storage, archiving and retrieval of all documents, presentations, images, videos and even music.

4. SharePoint can also enable users to collaborate with each other on projects and tasks, which can help you streamline your workflow.

5. SharePoint can also help your company establish a strong connection with its customers and suppliers by offering customers and suppliers the ability to upload documents, images, videos and other files in a timely manner.

6. SharePoint also makes it easier for users to store, organize and share documents, presentations, etc., which can help your company save money as well as resources.

7. SharePoint can help you share important information with your colleagues and customers.


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