Best IPS Interview Questions to Check Out

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best chosen IPS interview questions.

IPS India police services is one of the most prestigious administrative services of the India Government. Lakhs of students aspire and compete for this job every year. But Clearing IPS interviews is not easy. Many are not able to clear the because ips interview questions are rather tricky and test your all round skills.

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What will be your contribution after you become an IPS Officer?

This is an opportunity given to you to express yourself.
You should answer what made you aspire for this career. Tell with reasons any event which you faced in life where you will be able to help if you had this power and position for similar situations.
Tell what changes you would like to implement , how do you see the country going forward. Try avoiding Politics discussions.

Why do you see yourself as a fit candidate for an IPS officer?

Here you need to come up with smart answers , tell you strengths and relate to the role of IPS officers.

What other exams you have applied for and why?

This is again tricky and be careful that you need to tell IPS is the only preference you have , Even you can avoid disclosing other exams you have given.

Would you prefer a High paying corporate job or IPS ?

Strict no for corporate job . You should always say positive things about the interview you are giving.

We often hear concepts like the First World, Second World
and the Third World. Could you explain in brief what is
meant by the First World?

From the point of view of international economy, the world has been divided into three sections, that is, the First, Second and the Third. The First World includes the
most afuent bloc led by the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, The Second World includes the Communist bloc led by the former USSR and the East European countries. Third World signies the underdeveloped countries of Afro-Asia.

Do you think that to maintain law and order, a state should be small? Do we have more problems in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh because of their large sizes?

Sir, to some extent it may be true. It is denitely easy to manage small states. But I don’t think it is always the case. Take the case of Punjab. When Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were together forming one large state, we had less problems, and now we see in Punjab—which has been reduced to a very small size—that there are numerous law and order problems. Therefore, the size of the state
cannot be wholly responsible for law and order problems

Could you explain how your engineering / Law / masters degree will be helpful in your role?

Be prepare with your positive notes on your educational qualifications and how you will use in in your job.

Which page of the newspaper you read first?

1st page has the most important news about the nation. You should avoid says sports page or Supplements pages etc.

What would be your steps to reducing crime if you become a SP?

Be ready for this question and your answer should have some impact which shows that you have really thought about it in the past.

How would you handle a situation where your known person is involved in a crime?

Warning – Please be neutral and answer that you will follow the path of law.

What do you call a half glass of water, half filled or half empty?

You should say It depends on the context of the discussion how the water is being offered . Both are correct.

While running after a criminal would you prefer a bike or Jeep?

This is just of confuse you but you should always be positive and handle intelligently. like building up a situation and then telling which vehicle would be better.

You have to hire a constable out of two applications , both are deserving. What criteria would you apply to offer one of them.

Give so smart cheeky answers, Like I will take another test of aptitude , or physical test or follow govt selection parameters. but make sure you are not baised based on any parameters like cast , religion , economy etc.

Sachin and Sehwag are batting in a ODI , During break the 12th man bring the bottle to Sehwag first , Why?

Have fun , a cheeky answer is Sehwag is the opener.

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